Meet Our Team

Jacquie Fenske

President and CEO

When she was in grade school this ‘when life gives you lemons make lemonade’ entrepreneurial strategist wanted to be a teacher, a lawyer and a spy. Jacquie has come close to achieving most of those aspirations.
A teacher, a politician, a director, advocate, volunteer and entrepreneur, this motivator and rural firebrand loves Alberta but loves Albertans even more. Jacquie has a passion for the rural lifestyle and is doing her part to increase understanding and appreciation of that lifestyle. She's the founder of Experience Alberta and can also be found on the speaking circuit inspiring others through her innovative presentations.

Eleanor Busko

Chief Product Officer

Eleanor is a spicy, young-at-heart woman, who’s gone from cutting the mustard in the public sector, to making it.
Originally from the small town of Myrnam and now living in Canada’s largest hamlet of Sherwood Park; she’s all about country meets city and really knows her way around the kitchen. Eleanor is proud of her Ukrainian culinary heritage and no one ever leaves her house hungry.
When she’s not making mustard, she can be found spending time with her four grandchildren.

Bryanna Kumpula

Idea girl, flower farmer, mom, and entrepreneur Bryanna is an agriculture enthusiast and holds a Bachelor of science in Agriculture from the University of Alberta, lover of coffee and box dog owner. Having a lifelong addiction to school, Bryanna is currently completing a Master’s in Arts in Community Engagement at the University of Alberta.

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