The history of Chicks-n-Chaps

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Chicks-n-Chaps, established in 2016, is a condiment line by Experience Alberta, a venture
created to introduce people to the tastes, sights and hidden gems of our province.
The idea for Chicks-n-Chaps began with a dream for people to enjoy an evening in the country
and meet new people through an event called ‘Franks on the Farm’.
What makes a ‘frank’ or hot dog amazing other than being roasted on an open fire? Mustard of
“Mustard is a versatile condiment that most people use,” said Jacquie Fenske, President of
Experience Alberta. “We want to highlight the history of mustard in Alberta and Saskatchewan
and salute our agricultural roots.”
Most of Canada’s mustard is grown in Alberta and Saskatchewan, where our prairies have ideal
conditions for the drought-resistant, cool-weather crop. Canada is currently the world’s largest
exporter of mustard.
Currently, the Chicks-n-Chaps line includes Kickin’ Honey Mustard, Grainy Beer Mustard and
Dilly Horseradish Mayo, but we are always dreaming up new things.
For Fenske and the team, “this is our small way to tell the story of mustard and pay tribute to the
farmers that produce it, making that connection that what you put on your plate comes from
farmers’ fields.”

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